DSCN47481954 Chevy (Blue Dot) Taillight Lens

This listing is for one 1954 Chevy Blue Dot Taillight Lens.  The lens is a reproduction of the aftermarket lenses, sold in the 50’s and 60’s.  Never sold by GM always sold aftermarket.  The lenses are a dark red plastic with a Glass Blue Dot.   These Blue Dot lenses have always been illegal to use because when positioned correctly, the brake light bulb lighting up will make the Red lens appear Purple, not Red as the law says the brake  light must be. 

Belair Auto Parts holds no responsibility for any problems caused by the use of Blue Dot Taillight lenses.

One important point to understand in reference to 1953 versus 1954 Chevy Taillights.  The rear fender area on the 1953 or 1954 Chevy where the taillight mounts is the same for both years.  But the backing plate that the chrome bezel mounts on, is different on the 1953 and the 1954 Chevy.  So to change the taillight assembly from 1953 to 1954 you need to replace all the lenses, chrome bezel and the backing plate.