1954 Chevy Steering Wheel


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1954 steering wheel new 1954 Chevy Steering Wheel 

Offered here is a 1954 Chevy Bel air Steering Wheel reproduction, also offered on the 210 Model.   Originally they were produced in colors to compliment the color of your interior.  A different style wheel was offered on the 150 Model that year.

Today they are only Black.

Though this wheel was not offered on the 150 model, it could be used on a 150 model with no modifications.  This new wheel comes complete and includes the wheel, chrome horn ring, plastic horn button and horn parts that makes the horn work. 

GM produced the horn buttons in colors in 1954 to compliment you interior color.  The colors on the horn button were on the inside of the button.

The horn buttons made today are clear and need to painted by you on the inside

1954 horn button has a Chevy Crest in the button while the 1953 horn button had a Chevy Bowtie.

I do have an assortment or original GM horn buttons for these wheels that I will be listing elsewhere on this sight.



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