#2494   1952 Chevy Front Fender Molding Clip

This clip is NOS, new and is in  limited supply.   

This Molding Clip is described as universal because it is made in such a way that it will fit several different width molding without adjustments.  

In this case I know that this clips was used on the front fender moldings of the 1952 Chevy as well as other vehicles.

 The flat plate is 1 1/8 in. long at its longest point. The portion that would go into the hole in the body is 5/8 in. tall.  There are 2 legs that stand up and are used to keep the molding upright.  These 2 legs would locate in the hump or peak of the molding and are 3/8 in. tall, are made at a slight angle and spring steel as to stay securely in the peak or hump.  the flat portion of the clip (where the red dot is) would fit in the lip of the molding.

Just for information:

 if the clip had only one leg, that would indicate the molding should have a peak.

These clip set is NOS and in excellant condition

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