1930’s 40’s 50’s Clamp on curved arm Door Mirror

These clamp on mirrors are used often on cars and trucks in the 30’s and 40’s and 50’s. 

They fasten to the car or truck by clamping onto the edge of the door.  A small piece of rubber is included with the mirror which is used to protect the door and will be used on the very right in this picture. That piece of rubber protects the paint from being damaged.  That section of the mirror is also adjustable for use on either the right or left door.  In this picture the clamp on portion is to your right.

These are a new reproduction of mirrors that were sold by after market companies.  Today an example would be NAPA, back in the 30’s and or 40’s you might buy one of these mirrors from Honest Charlie.


Here is a trivia questions for car nuts from the 50’s.  Where did Honest Charlie get his name?  Answer:  The original owner had 2 stores located side by side.  One was a hardware store the other I believe was a food store. Lacking time to work 2 stores at the same time he decided to man one store with a “Self Service Cash Register”  Thus he became known as Honest Charlie.

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