MC3 1949-51 hood top panel Ford molding clip  1949-1951

This clips  is an NOS molding clips  said to be for the Hood Top Panel of the 1949-1951 Ford.   That is all the information I have concerning this clip.

This clip is a snap in style clip .  This clip has the center elevated with a cutout in the center as seen in the picture.

 In this picture you can see the main base of the clip is slightly elevated with  a small ear sticking up.   The base is 1 3/16 inch long at is longest point.  The width of the widest point is 13/16 inch wide.  The small ear that sticks up is approximately 1/4 in tall.  the 2 side panels are slightly rolled under. 

Because this clip is NOS I cannot reorder this clip so what I have is all I have.

If you have any questions concerning this clip or any other clip

please call me at 352 236 6386