40-48 hood sideHood Side to Fender Bumper 1940-1948

This  #4237 Chevy rubber hood side bumper is used on all 1940 through 1948 Chevy cars.  There are 4 used on each side of the hood.  Possibly used on other GM makes for those years.  It is used between the side  edge of the hood and fender to prevent movement of the hood or fender from damaging the paint.  Good quality rubber American made and fits well. 

Something to consider when thinking of rubber bumpers like this one.  The auto makers, like GM, used these rubber bumpers to eliminate rattles, stop paint scratching and help align the body parts.  My point is don’t thing they are not needed.  After all the work you put into your car these are the finishing touch that makes the difference. 

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Elsewhere listed you will find complete rubber bumper kits which will be listed as for what parts of the car they are for. (example:  hood bumper set  or door bumper set  or complete car bumper set)