49 pk lens Parking Lamp Lens  Glass NOS 1949 Chevy

 Parking Lamp Lens Glass NOS  1949 Chevy.  This lens is an NOS original GM lens.   Exactly what came in the grill of the 1949 Chevy. 

Though the 1949 and 1950 Chevy parking lamp lens look the same in pictures, they are not the same.  They are 2 different heights and the chrome bezel that these lenses fit into is also different 1949 versus 1950 Chevy.  They only look the same but they are not the same.

Neither the chrome bezel nor the parking lamp lens are  being made today.   for that matter no part of the 1949 parking lamp assembly is being made today.  The chrome bezel is a pot metal piece and would need to be chromed.  I do offer the lens gaskets listed elsewhere.