1949-1954 Chevy Complete Dome Light NOS #203585

 Listed here is a 1949-1954 Chevy complete dome light assembly.   I have cleaned and adjusted the switch and it works as it should.  The reflector “that holds the switch and the bulb” is in excellent condition, the lens is new and the chrome bezel is new.  

The base or reflector as GM called it, is not being made today.

 These dome lights were used on Chevy cars from 1949-54 in the 2 door sedan, 4 door sedan and the wagon.  Also used on Pontiac and  Oldsmobile cars in some of those years.  They were not used in the Sport Coupe “HT” or the Convertible.

A point of information: 

I receive calls from customers who have trouble making these dome lights work.  Please understand what stops these lights from working is usually a bad ground.  The electrical system on these cars is a one way system.  12 volts travel to the switch and to complete the circuit, the body of the car is the ground.  If the ground is bad, dirty, insulated by paint or any of these, the light bulb will not light up.  You think the switch is bad but a bad ground could be the culprit. 

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