49-54 window crankWindow Crank new with Black Knob   1953-1957  Chevy

This 1953-1957 inside window crank is what is used on all 1953-1957 Chevy Cars.  Used on the 2 dr Sedan, 4 dr Sedan, the 2 dr Sport Coupe, the 4 dr Sport Sedan, the Station Wagon, the Convertible. and the Sedan Delivery.   It is not used on the trucks.

Nice chrome with black knobs and the black knob has a stainless insert.   They fit on a splined shaft and come with the horseshoe shaped clip that holds them on.

For information sake, the 1953 – 1957 Chevy inside window cranks are the same.   They are also the same as the 1951-1952 inside window cranks except for the color of the knob which on the 1951-195 Chevy is Ivory.  My point is, you could use either one to compliment the color of your interior. Also for knowledge sake, these window cranks and door handles mount on a splined shaft which is part of the “window regulator” in the case of these window cranks.