1953 & 54 Chevy Sport Coupe Windshield Weather Seal “with stainless groove”.

The car pictured here is a 1953 Chevy Sport Coupe.

Also notice that there is no post between the front door and the quarter window. That makes it a Sport Coupe also called a 2dr HT or 2dr Hardtop.

The 1953 & 54 Chevy Windshield Weather Seal listed here is made in the USA and is used on the Chevy Sport Coupe and the Convertible, both 210 and the Belair models.  It is made with a groove to hold the Stainless Reveal Molding, used on these models, surrounding the windshield glass.  

Only the pressure of the rubber groove holds the stainless on and the windshield in place.

The windshield glass is a DW318 and for information, the windshield on the Sport Coupe and Convertible are approximately 1 inch shorter than the windshield used in the Sedans.  That shorter glass also effects what windshield wiper arms and blades you should use.  Both are shorter than the ones used on the Sedans.



The 1953 and 1954 Chevy had a windshield stainless that was made in the shape of a “T” and the lower leg of that “T” pressed into a groove formed in the windshield weather seal.  No molding clips were used on this stainless molding.

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