1953 or 1954 Door Lock Rods for “Sport Coupe”

Listed here is one pair of 1953 or 1954 Door Lock Rods for the 2 Door Sport Coupe

Pictured here is a pair of original GM door lock rods for the 1953 or 1954 2 Dr Sport Coupe.  The door lock rods that you will be receiving are a copy of these lock rods pictured here.  I used these as an example and duplicate them.  I have made hundreds of these rods, sold hundreds of these rods and have no complaints and no returns.  You will be happy.

Correction, I did have one complaint last year. To fix that complaint and to eliminate any future complaints, the lock rods you will be receiving will be made approximately 1/4 inch longer than the original.

If you have any questions please call me at 352 875 2344.