53-54 rocker frt fender1953-1954 Chevy Rocker Molding Clip

These clips  are original GM NOS clips  used by GM on all 1953 and 1954 Chevy Rocker Moldings.  They are not being made today.  The 1953 and 1954 Chevy used this clip only on the front fender, one  on each front fender to hold the very front section of the rocker moldings tight to the fender.  Tight to the fender so as not to allow sticks or Rye Grass to get behind the molding and pop it off.

This clip works in connection to the #270363 molding clips set listed elsewhere on this site.   Each car would used just 2 of these clips one on each front fender while the rest of the rocker molding was held on by the #270363 Rocker Molding Clip Set.