1950Window Crank 1950 Chevy with Grey Knob new

This inside window crank is  used on all 1950 Chevy Cars.  Found on the 2dr, 4dr, Wagon, Conv. and Sedan Delivery.  These are excellent reproductions but are no longer being made. So what I have is all I have.

Nice chrome with grey knob and a stainless cap on the end of the knob.   They come with the horseshoe shaped clip that holds them on.  These also come with the plastic spacer. 

For information sake, the 1949 and 1950 Chevy inside window cranks are the same except for the color of the knob.  The 1950 used a dark Gray Knob while the 1949 used an Ivory Knob.  The knob used on either the 1949 or the 1950 Chevy is not the same knob used on the 1951-1957 Chevy.  On the 1951-57 Chevy the knob has a stainless insert recessed into the end of the knob. The 1949 or 1950 stainless cap is just that, a cap and not recessed at all. 

Neither of the 1949 or 1950 Chevy window cranks are being made today.