1953 or 1954 Chevy Clock  “working”

Listed here is a working 1953-54 Chevy original Clock

This clock is an original GM wind up clock.  It is in extremely good condition for its age. I have had the inside movement cleaned and repaired so that at this time the clock is fully functional and works as it should.  It is a wind up clock so you will need to wind the stem regularly to keep correct time. 

    The hole in the center of the back is for a light socket with bulb which illuminates the clock  when the  dash lights are turned on.  Because it is a wind up clock it can be used with 6 volt or 12 volt systems simply by changing the bulb in the socket.

The chrome is nice, the glass and lettering is clean and not cracked or crazed.  The knob is in excellent condition.  I do believe you will be happy with clock.


These are not being made so your choices would be

1. good used examples “hard to find”

2. re chromed examples “can be expensive”

3. NOS examples “very hard to find”